Super Hexagon is a video game developed by Terry Cavanagh. It's based on his Flash game Hexagon.

How to Play Edit

You control a tiny triangle that circles around a big hexagon (which can turn into a pentagon and square in some levels).

The goal of the game is to avoid the incoming "walls" that move towards the hexagon and survive for as long as possible.

There are a total of six levels. A level is considered complete when the player survives for at least 60 seconds. Three of the levels are pre-unlocked, while three are hyper levels which can only be unlocked after completing the pre-unlocked levels. Hyper levels are hardened versions of the pre-unlocked levels.

The pre-unlocked levels are:

The hyper levels are:

Controls Edit

PC: The player presses the left/right keys to move around.

Mobile: The player taps and holds the left/right side of the screen to move around.

Difficulty Edit

Sounds simple? NO! This game is VERY difficult to play for a few reasons

  1. The screen rotates constantly. Harder levels have faster rotation speeds.
  2. The walls appear randomly, never in a fixed pattern.
  3. The music starts at different points every time a player respawns.
  4. The background can flash or change colour.
  5. The central hexagon pulses to the music.

(Each level has its own special feature, not just those above.)

Basically, this game has many things that confuse the player. This game requires good reflexes, coordination and, of course, a lot of time and practice.

Trivia Edit

  • After reaching 60 seconds on a level, the level proceeds to the hyper version of the level. After reaching 120 seconds (or 60 seconds on the hyper level), the level proceeds to a hyper version of the hyper level. After reaching 180 seconds (or 120 seconds on the hyper-hyper level), the game proceeds to the hyper version of the next level.

For example:

Hexagon 60 secs --> Hyper Hexagon

Hexagon 120 secs --> Hyper-hyper Hexagon

Hexagon 180 secs --> Hyper Hexagoner

  • There is no "easy" difficulty in the levels (Hexagon's difficulty was listed as "hard"), which suggests the difficulty of the entire game.

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