In Super Hexagon you are a tiny triangle spinning around a hexagon. Giant walls will come at the hexagon while the screen keeps spinning. Your goal is to constantly dodge these walls for 60 seconds without your brain turning to mush.

There are 6 stages, each with increasing speed. In order

there is HexagonHexagonerHexagonest, then 

Hyper HexagonHyper Hexagoner and finally Hyper Hexagonest.

After 60 seconds, the game will get faster and the colors will change.

After 120 seconds, the game will get faster still and the colors will change again (On the hyper levels [minus hyper hexagonest], the game will progress to the next level).

Trivia Edit

  • The hyper stages aren't unlocked immediately, instead they are unlocked by completing their regular counterpart
  • The Void is a stage where you get 60 seconds on Hyper Hexagonest, which means you completed the stage